Tootins is an action packed puzzle adventure game in full 3D filled with original monsters, music and gameplay. Use your bubble spitting powers to smash or push monsters, solve puzzles and save your village. The gameplay is an original mix of action and puzzle elements.

Explore 10 levels of monster fighting and puzzle-solving action in full 3D. Find the magic key to open the gates and move forward. Collect magic diamonds to unlock new levels. As you explore the maze, you smash, fry, and blast the monsters. If you solve the puzzles and avoid traps and monsters, you will at last rescue your friends and save the day.

The gameplay is based on your ability to spit bubbles that pushes the target backwards. The player must use this ability to make opponents and different objects collide. Whenever a game entity collides into another, something happens; 20 entities means 20 times 20 = 400 possible outcomes. In addition you will meet several boss monsters that will put your gaming skills to the test. Sometimes the player must release or push different monsters against each other to be able to advance. Random effects, odd creatures and exploding objects are part of the fun.

As you move along, you will find magic fruits that gives you special abilities, for example super speed, or powerful chilis that makes you shoot exploding bubbles.

Game levels are carefully designed to exploit both the action and puzzle potential of game objects and creatures. The player early on meets doors and traps in the literal sense of the word. Later on they are blocked by or consists of different monsters, and the player must discover different ways to move them away or terminate them.

It is not always obvious how to solve the puzzle that leads to a new area. The comic animations and intriguing puzzles make the game suitable for players of all ages.

The story

The Tootinis are small, peaceful creatures living in a village tree just downhill of an old castle. During everyday life they use their ability to bubble to transport huge fruits from the surrounding forest and back to their village.
Then Lula, a young female Tootini is kidnapped by a huge green monster living in the nearby castle. The Tootini rescue team fails and are also trapped inside the castle. You are the last hope.

About us

The game is developed by the independent game studio «Skalden AS» in Oslo Norway. We have received support from the Norwegian Film Institute, and won Nordic Game programs developers award for best new game concept. The orchestral score is especially composed by award winning composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen, known from the “Age of Conan” score, “Lords of the Fallen” and several other game and film scores.

We hope you will enjoy our game!


The Skalden Team