An epic conflict set in an alternate future Earth, Titanium Angels is the story of four races drawn together by fate in a fight for survival.

Carmen Blake is a bounty hunter - one of a breed known only as The Kindred. Any job too sensitive, or dangerous, for conventional law operatives to handle gets offered as a bounty to these brave and often psychotic individuals. She accepts an extremely rich bounty, the termination warrant placed on Elegia Furie, military dictator of a small, but very rich and boisterous, island nation.

Carmen fearlessly launches a frontal assault on Furie's headquarters. Taken by surprise by the unbelievable firepower available to Furie, her drop-ship is destroyed and she barely manages to cheat death. Clinging desperately to the outside of the building, with certain death below her, Carmen must infiltrate the enemy stronghold. It's too late to turn back now and with a whole army in front of her, her only chance for survival..... is to fight!


  • Unique 3rd person gameplay - the player alternates between controlling Carmen and Titan. This is dictated by the situation facing the characters at any given time.

  • The game is set in a grim and bizarre universe where flesh meets technology. An Intuitive control mechanism enables the players to immediately control the characters. Also, as with all great games, there is an ideal learning curve

  • A totally immersive plot including complete species biographies adding depth to all the characters and revealing some truly nasty aliens to send shivers down the spin.

  • Real character development - both Carmen and Titan learn with experience. As the game progresses, their abilities and skill improve and develop.