In 200 B.C., the Mediterranean Basin was plunging into chaos. From Persepolis to the Pillars of Hercules, war was shaking up all of the known world. The monarchs of the five great empires of the era thus came together for a secret meeting on the neutral territory of Syracuse. What was at stake was bringing peace back to the kingdoms of gods and humans. No one remembers whose idea it was to use tokens... But in any case, these gentlemen the great monarchs simply sat around a table to start a strange game whose outcome was to determine the world's destiny!

Some say that the match lasted hours... They also say that someone tried to cheat and that there was a fight. Basically, the attempt at conciliation failed yet again and the 3rd Punic War started!

Tiny Token Empires includes five independent game modes. First, a Campaign mode with five different campaigns, one per nation. The first one, the Romans, acts as a Tutorial and gently introduces you to the game. In the last match of this campaign, the player will confront 4 AI opponents on the whole map. The four other campaigns offer various goals: "Bring the Mountain Hermit three items to make a magic potion", "Defend Memphis until the bard Zeuquing escapes", "Take the Carthaginian army of elephants to Rome"...

A Free Mission mode allows the player the possibility to challenge one or more AI in matches. He selects his nation, the number and the nation of his opponents, the difficulty level (3 levels) and a goal. Five different goals exist: The Full Monty (conquer the entire map), Speed Dating (conquer as many territories as you can in 15 days), Megalopolis (create 5 capitals), Spoils of War (bring five artifacts back to your capital) and Capitals (destroy the capital of all enemies).

In Training mode, a player can give battle without having to manage the strategic aspect of conquest. He can just choose his nation and his army, his opponent and the level of difficulty. Then he will play a unique battle against an IA. The Quick Match mode enters even more quickly in the battle. Simply click and a match with two balanced armies will be randomly created. At least, a Multi mode allows two distant players the possibility to give battle via Internet. Each one will have to select his nation and his army.