Genres: First-Person Shooter
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Timeshift takes the first-person shooter to an entirely different dimension marked by erratic time and unrelenting action, offering players the ability to slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time.

The player, Krone and Lin are members of a secret government agency that is developing a time travel technology. Krone betrays the other two, stealing the experimental time suit to jump into an alternate timestream and killing Lin in the process. The player puts on a second time suit that is more advanced but also more experimental and risky. He jumps into the alternate time-stream and goes after Krone.

Upon jumping, the player finds himself in the midst of a violent conflict in a city where Krone is supreme dictator. The player can plainly see that the insurgents aren't faring too well against Krone's forces. He allies himself with the rebels and fights alongside them through this unfamiliar world on his mission to find Krone, and ultimately return home.


  • Master the control of time: Use time as a Weapon: Slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time to destroy your enemies and their surroundings.

  • Time Slow - Outnumbered and outgunned, you can slow time to even the odds. Time slows for everyone and everything for a limited time. Time Slow does not affect your movements or actions - you will continue to move while everything else moves in slow motion.

  • Time Stop - Your enemies won't know what hit them when you stop time and take their weapons. Time Stop allows you to completely stop time for a few brief moments, during which all molecular motion in the world stops - except for what you control. If you kill an opponent during Time Stop, his death will only be apparent when time resumes.

  • Time Reverse - If at first you don't succeed, reverse time, re-strategize, and strike again. While reverse is in effect, you cannot use any weapon or device, take items or interact with opponents in any way without breaking the space-time continuum and canceling the effect.

  • Fully textured environments featuring incredible rain effects creating the backdrop to an intense dark and gritty world of chaos.

  • 16 person multiplayer features 14 maps to create time stopping chaos and massive destruction to an already devastated world.

  • Multiplayer includes 6 unique heart stopping, time crunching modes that include Stop the Machine, King of Time, 1-on-1, and the classic death match/ team death match.

  • Unleash an arsenal of 9 powerful weapons, each with 2 functions, and vehicles across more than 30 combat missions, spanning outdoor, urban, aerial and indoor environments.