"This Is My Dungeon" is a side-view real-time tower defense game with a dungeon management element.
Adventurers will invade your dungeon, targeting the dungeon core in the deepest part of dungeon.
If the adventurers reach the deepest part of your dungeon and destroy the dungeon core, you lose.
You must kill all adventurers to prevent them from conquering the dungeon.
Give good commands to the your monsters and fight off the invading adventurers.Manage the dungeon "This Is My Dungeon" 's dungeon has a total of five sections, with each section consisting of several connected rooms of various sizes.
Initially, the dungeon core is located close to the ground in smaller sections.
As the game progresses, the section will be expanded and the dungeon core will be placed in a deeper section.
However, as you expand, the number of adventurers who will attack you will also increase.
You can choose the section you want to expand from the choices randomly shown in each game.
Create your own dungeon through trial and error!Place the monsters in the dungeon! You can place monsters with unique skills in dungeons.
Monsters can move freely in their placed section, but they cannot move across the section.
Consider the shape of the section and the skills of the monsters when placing them.Command the monsters to fight the adventurers! When the adventurers start to invade, you can command the monsters to move.
The monsters will attack the adventurers in the same room, so give them the benefit of the doubt.
If a monster is dead, it will respawn after a certain amount of time.
So let the monsters fight the adventurers more and more.

Game Graphic
COM Kichi
Jigoku Kaba