SCEE's comprehensive football series returns for another season, and this year it's better than ever! Over 18,000 players have been digitally recreated for your gaming pleasure, meaning that whoever you support, you can take them into action against the world's finest. What's more, each of these players' individual skill attributes have been simulated, so that in-game events reflect reality - expect deadly-accurate long passing from Beckham, silky dribbling from Zidane, and a raft of goals from Henry.

Adding to the authenticity of the football experience, an entirely new shot system gives you far more control over the trajectory of your strike - so it's entirely down to your skills as to whether the ball ends up in the back of the net or ends up smacking a spectator in the face. Headers and volleys are just as reliant on skill too, as a new timing-based system more accurately reflects the skills used in the real sport.


  • Incredibly authentic - over 18,000 players, 900 teams and 23 league structures.

  • Play online with up to eight players simultaneously.

  • New shooting system allows for unprecedented accuracy.

  • New game modes add variety.