The X-FILES saga continues on Xbox and PS2 with three all new episodes linked together in one terrifying story. Playing as either Mulder or Scully, psychic clones, alien artifacts, sentient black oil, and cruel human experimentation provide the backdrop for a harrowing survival horror experience set in the X-FILES universe. Each episode was created by writers from the hit television show, and features the actual voices and likenesses of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, plus all the great X-FILES music and imagery. This terrifying game is authentic X-FILES!


  • 3 unique, Action-Filled Episodes

    - Created by the Executive Producers of the X-FILES.

  • Play as Either Mulder or Scully.

    - Each has unique special abilities.

  • X-FILES Authenticity

    - X-FILES characters, voiceovers (including Duchovny / Anderson), music and storylines.

    - Terrifying "Jump-out-of-your-seat" scripted events.

    - Twisted, fully interactive dream sequences.

    - Real-time autopsies.

  • 96 3D Environments

    - Highly interactive.

  • Unique DVD-style User Interface

    - Commentary and interviews from cast & developers.