“If I could go back to the past, I would definitely save my friends… ”
The miracle of butterflies has come to us.

The moment she revealed her long-held true feelings to the world, 'Suni' gained a miracle to go back to the past in 1945.
‘Suni’, who goes back to the day before her friends disappear, has to find clues and puzzles and combine them to change their fate.
The more new clues she finds, the more she faces unexpected truths.

* This story is created with imagination based on a true story.

[Main features]
  • The story of the day in 1945 that everyone knows, but no one knows.
  • A puzzle adventure game where you go back to the past, find hidden clues and change the fate.
  • Solve various puzzles and mini-games conceived from historical records to get clues.
  • The more you fill in the clue notebook of 'Suni', the closer it gets you to the truth.
  • 3D graphics that capture the times and emotions of 1945 and 1992.
  • Delicate scene direction and graphics to increase immersion. The lyrical soundtrack doubles the excitement.