About the game The Warrior War is a shooting game that contains lots of action!
With various gameplay difficulties, you can adapt to the best, and challenge each gameplay.
The game also features some online interactions, such as Chat, where you can communicate with other players. History Jacob, a military soldier was summoned to invade enemy territory, arrived there with his team, the captain divided him into a platoon to check a certain area, where possibly there would be enemy combatants. They did not know that the enemy combatants were disguised as civilians and would trap the platoon, so the enemy combatants blew up part of the platoon with a ground mine, and Jacob is now with 4 soldiers and without communication in enemy territory.

Your War Kit:
Explosive Grenade
Smoke Grenade (Smoke)

You will have to survive amidst the attacks of the outlaw soldiers of civilians!

Will you survive, soldier?

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Game and support available in Portuguese and English.