Driven to jealous madness by the opening of the Krusty Krab 2, Plankton pulls from his filing cabinet of evil schemes the infamous, dreaded and never before used Plan Z.

Plankton then steals King Neptune's crown and sells it to Shell City (a place from which no one has ever returned) and frames Mr Krabs for the theft. When King Neptune shows up to pass final judgement, SpongeBob pleads for his life and is given six days to return the crown or Mr Krabs will die!

Patrick volunteers to help and the two head out on their greatest and most challenging adventure ever!


  • Play as SpongeBob or Patrick working together to save Mr Krabs and all of Bikini Bottom - each with their own set of manoeuvres.

  • Interact with all your favourite characters from the movie including authentic voices and special cameo appearances.

  • Earn 'manliness' points to get the coolest power-ups ever like the 'CartWheel Attack', 'Electric Guided Sonic Wave Guitar' and the 'Macho Bash'!

  • Hop in the 'Patty Wagon' with SpongeBob and Patrick for a whole new driving experience.

  • Six huge 3D environments to explore all inspired by the movie including bonus levels and rewards.