The Sims 2 swept the nation making it one of the best selling PC games of the year. As the first expansion pack to this record-breaking title, your Sims are now young adults, leaving home to live the ultimate college fantasy. With The Sims 2 University, you immerse them in college life as they become the Big Sim on Campus. They'll relish their new-found freedom as they settle into an all-new college town and party with friends, join fraternities and sororities and pull outrageous pranks. Your Sims will explore all the campus hot-spots as they frequent lounges, gyms, coffee houses and more. Studies are important too; they can earn a degree and open up new career paths. All new college-based wants and fears lead to new rewards and powers that can help your Sims achieve their goals and reap all of the benefits of their university years.


  • New Young Adult Age Group-- All-new hip, trendy university age Sims leave home and take over campus. Now they have the opportunity to alter their life goals and lose their innocence.

  • Become the Big Sim on Campus & Influence Others--Your Sims have all-new wants and fears tied to their social and academic life. Enhanced aspirations gameplay centers on building influence and players have the opportunity to develop their Sims' ability to influence friends, classmates and faculty.

  • New "College Town"--Now your Sims can live the ultimate college fantasy whether it's living in dorms, crashing a party or hanging out with friends in their very own pad.

  • College Lifestyle--Immerse your Sims in the ultimate college lifestyle --Join a band, crash parties, find a part-time job, or get initiated into a secret society, where they can print money, and cheat on their studies. How will your Sims enjoy their college years?

  • Earn Degrees to Open Up 4 New Careers--Choose from 11 majors for your Sims including such popular choices as history, art, biology and political science and keep their grades on track. Secure the final degree and open up 4 new career paths.