Join Bart, Homer and the rest of the Simpsons family in this crazy action racing game! Can you become a taxi driver... in the Simpsons way?

Play with the Simpsons and become a taxi driver!

Pick up characters standing on the road side and carry them to their destination.

Drive to a destination within a time limit. If you reach the destination faster than the customer request, you will get a tip. The faster you are, the bigger the tips are!

Train your driving techniques, find shortcuts and every possibility to drive faster and get more tips!


  • 4 game modes:

    1. Road Rage: Pick up passengers and carry them to the requested destination and collect money.

    2. Sunday Drive: no time limit nor passenger to carry. Practice to drive as fast as you can.

    3. Mission Mode: Complete up to 10 specific tasks.

    4. Head to head: Compete with one of your friends to be the first one to collect the target money.

  • 15 characters to drive with, 10 of whom need to be unlocked: each character has a different car.

  • 15 Original cars, such as Classic cars, Tank, etc. Each car has different performance, acceleration and top speed, cornering stability.