A host of even more demanding challenges face our Settlers' champions.... more battles, more conquests, more colonization... as they search for the ultimate victory that will return them to their former existence, where, no longer instruments of the Gods, they can once again live as free men.


Untold Settlers campaigns to wage, worlds to colonize and races to conquer and all of your own design with the new SETTLERS III LEVEL EDITOR. Create your own single-player and multi-player maps to battle it out against the computer, exchange with your friends, or for challenges on LAN and across the globe on the Internet.


  • Establish new colonies with the Romans, Egyptians and Asians: Each race has a new campaign with 8 immense new missions!

  • Pursue exciting mission goals: Discover secret sites and trade with neighbouring races to produce the urgently needed goods to bring foreign lands under your control!

  • Play with friends throughout the entire world: You now have not only 10 new single-player maps, but 10 new multi-player maps for either LAN or Internet games!

  • Design and colonize your own maps with the SETTLERS III LEVEL EDITOR, where you can create your landscapes and decide the hardship your Settlers have to endure!

  • Get help quick: You can consult the detailed on-line manual at any time direct from the Editor!