Long ago, in the Age of Hate, a powerful warlord named Goaku ruled the lands. During his time the people rebelled, but the dark warlord's mastery of the elements gave him the strength to crush any resistance. Finally, when times were most dire, five shogun lords joined forces for one last chance to overthrow Goaku. With their combined skills, they managed to imprison him within five elemental swords. The shogun returned to the people as heroes, but their fates were about to take ill turns. The weapons began to corrupt their masters, and in time the cursed shoguns fell victim to the very elements they used to entrap the evil Goaku. Soon they withdrew from the populace, constructing fortresses and raising armies. Before long they became worse than the terror they vanquished, and darkness returned to the land.


  • Recover the 5 elemental swords and master the special attacks of each.
  • Earn special Ninja honours by accomplishing specific objectives as you progress through the levels.
  • Collect the Double Jump ability and replay levels to locate hidden areas and battle new warriors.
  • Over 20 levels of game-play with boss battles, sub-maps, and hidden levels.
  • Gain Ninja abilities and techniques as you go- Decoy, Stealth, Spirit, Double Jump and more!