In The Neon Mate gravity is like it should be.
Get the highest score and make it to the top of the online hiscore.
Would you be able to do it? Let's see!

The Neon Mate offers an unique retro 3D platformer experience with synthwave music and endless gameplay where you can find:
  • Gravity "works like in real life", the player will be attracted to the closest planet.
  • The speed of the player is faster over time.
  • The size of the planet increases as the times passes by.
  • Jump between planets before time runs out.
  • Avoid obstacles to avoid losing lives.
  • Pass through rings to collect them.
  • Unlock awesome skins with rings that you collect.
  • Make the longest distance and make it to the top of the hiscores.
  • It's only necessary to use your mouse to move and 'click' to jump, just "like" the retro's one button gamepad.
  • Adjust the horizontal and vertical sensitivity separately.