In the year 1000 AD the druids were facing their extinction. The last druids decided to transfer their powers and magic onto five babies in a cruel rite at the megalith circle of Stonehenge, to make sure their secret powers survived.

A small group of the druids feared though that these children would never be taught how to responsibly use their druidic powers - they might become tyrants nobody could ever stop. To prevent this, the small group of druids kept their energy in the rite, so it remained incomplete.

The children, the "inheritants of the druids", grew up and became powerful personalities The secret existence of the druids circle was guaranteed, but not the whole druidic powers were united.


  • more than 50 impressive locations from past and present

  • more than 360 interactive scenes.

  • non-linear dialogues.

  • high resolution 2D / 3D graphics.

  • more than 20 speaking characters.

  • 3D models with up to 1000 polygons.

  • lip-sync dialogues by phonetic language analysis.

  • 5 hours of language recording.

  • long soundtrack, mixed in realtime.

  • soundtrack and SFX in Dolby Surround.