New York, 2044 The states of the earth are united under a world government. Communications designer Peter Wright doesn't give a heck about politics and politicians, about scandals and. In fact, since Peter's wife and his seven year old son died in an air catastrophe, he doesn't care about anything anymore. He hates his job, spends his nights drinking whisky, and only looks for human company in the anonymity of computer chat rooms. His life changes abruptly one night when a black van stops in front of his house and a heavily armed SWAT team bursts into the apartment of his neighbour.

The Moment of Silence is a classic point and click adventure set in the near future where technological dependence has left the world in the hands of a few powerful men. The story plays out in beautifully rendered locations around the world, punctuated by some of the most gloriously animated videos ever seen.


  • Point and click adventure with pre-rendered sceneries.

  • Mouse driven 3D characters.

  • Multiple choice dialogues.

  • Highly immersive espionage thriller.

  • Researched visions of the near future.

  • 75 locations, designed by award-winning CG artists.

  • More than 500 interactive screens.

  • More than 35 speaking 3D characters - 8 hours of dialog.

  • 30 minutes of full screen video Audio.

  • 8 hours of professional voice acting - Lip synchronisation using phonetic voice analysis.

  • Inverse Kinematics character animation, motion capture and Real-time facial expressions.

  • Dynamic dialog scenes (camera angle changes).

  • Cougar Adventure Engine 2.0 (Developed by House of Tales).