The Mark of Kri is a third-person adventure with stealth and beat 'em up action in equal quantities. Set in a visually stunning cartoon world that feels like a warped Disney-esque realm (designed by ex-Disney and ex-Don Bluth artists), you may think this is a kiddie game, but you couldn't be more wrong. Despite the cartoon style animation, MoK does not pull any punches when it comes to violence - limbs are lopped, faces smashed and enemies impaled all in vivid colour. To aid the bloodletting, MoK features a unique combat system where multiple opponents can be targeted at once, each highlighted with a different button icon above their heads (Circle, Square, etc). Press the corresponding button and Rau launches an attack at that person, so that full-on multi-opponent combos can be pulled off that make Bruce Lee look boring. In addition to Rau's melee attacks with fists, sword, spear and axe he can also take out guards with his bow - one shot, one kill if you're good enough.


  • Instinctive targeting system allows you to combat multiple opponents with fluid attack and defence combos
  • Sumptuous cartoon style graphics and 'pencil drawn' cut-scenes
  • Intense combat action and tactical stealth play
  • Learn how to use multiple weapons with your trainer Baumusu
  • Gory death-dealing means this is definitely not for the weak-stomached