The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood

Genres: MMORPG
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  • Mirkwood the Deep

    Once it was Greenwood the Great, and men and Elves lived in peace beneath its boughs - until the Necromancer's Tower arose, waking evil in the forest's heart. And then the shadow spread.

  • Mirkwood the Dark

    Now madness thickens the forest air. The green, growing things of ages past are twisted by the evil of Dol Guldur, the impenetrable fortress of the Ringwraiths, whose black shadows fill every hollow and drown every hill.

  • Mirkwood the Deadly

    In this nightmare, where the heart of Sauron's power throbs in thick corruption, the first great challenge of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth demands your strength and courage. Unless you stem the tide, the menace of Mirkwood will spread to every land and cover the world in darkness. Join the elves of Lothlórien in war against Sauron among the ancient ruins, spider-haunted canyons, and foul bogs of Mirkwood. In the shadow of Dol Guldur, the enemy waits - and so does glory, for those strong enough to take it.