The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar allows players to discover their heroic destiny in the ongoing struggle for Middle-earth. Players of all levels will explore incredibly detailed realms and join familiar characters in an evolving and persistent re-creation of Tolkien's beloved world. They will face the dangers Frodo and the Fellowship left behind when they began their epic journey to destroy the One Ring.

Gamers can adventure solo or forge their own fellowships online with others, as they face hideous monsters and minions of Sauron, establish unique reputations, fight epic battles to defend Middle-earth, and immerse themselves in the greatest adventure of our time.


  • Design Authentic Heroes

    Create your own Hobbit, Elf, Dwarf or Man. Pick any of seven lore-inspired classes (Champion, Minstrel, Guardian, Loremaster, Burglar, Hunter, or Captain).and personalize your hero's appearance.

  • Rise to Greatness

    Obtain powerful character traits, unique items, enhanced skills, and titles of distinction to enhance your hero beyond simple XP-based advancement. Use your new character traits to enhance and diversify your skills. Transform your basic Cleave attack into a deadly Orc-slayer Cleave, your Heal into Miruvor Heal, and your Curse into Barrow Touch Curse.

  • Battle Deadly Enemies

    Fight against the UrukHai, Nazg├╗l, Orcs, Huorns, Etten, Wargs, Trolls, Goblins, Craban, Spiders, Wights, Drakes, Wraiths, and Balrogs

  • Explore Ancient Lands

    Journey through Middle-earth to collect valuable Tolkien lore, knowledge and artifacts that bring your hero greater powers. Discover and wield weapons of the ancient Numenorians, or find Cirth Runes to forge a powerful Dwarven blade.

  • Meet Famous Characters

    Interact with Gandalf and the Fellowship, Bilbo, Elrond, Boromir, Bombadil, and many other exciting characters from Tolkien's epic masterpiece.

  • Combine Powers

    Jump right into combat and quickly master streamlined skills that grow in power as you gain new abilities. Build a formidable team by pooling your skills. Blind foes with a hail of synchronized attacks or rally your fellowship to stand fast against even the most powerful foe.