Two heroes, one male, one female, linked by the fact they share the same body. Able to switch from one persona to the other at the press of a button, a warrior and a healer, join forces to liberate a kingdom. An added twist is that the male part is killed by the animated corpse of his own father. So the die is cast and off they go, fighting monsters, slaying demons and collecting loot. It's standard Japanese RPG fair to be honest. It's no Final Fantasy or Lost Odyssey though. True, it's epic enough in length and in terms of places to explore and face random battles, but graphically it does not come close. There is no full motion animations to link segments, just voiced over, partially animated sequences. The voice acting is no great shakes though it has to be said, and in typical Japanese RPG fashion, the lead male character is an arrogant and reluctant hero. Been there, seen it, done it before. Yes I know it sounds like I am coming down hard on this title already, and yes it is flawed, but it does promise many hours gameplay and you'll need to think before facing foes. Juggling skills, magic spells becomes important, as they all cost points of something called a Chain Meter. Run out of points on that and you are stood there and left feeling rather vulnerable whilst the enemies take free shots. Defend and you'll regain three points back, which is fine if there is one or two enemies but any more than that and you are a tad stuck. Levelling up gives you more health, mana, and Chain points but you'll soon learn that managing those points becomes very important. The male lead, Nine does have the ability (for free except for mana points) to cast a spell that recharges the chain points. Bare that in mind. The chained attacks mean you can target different body parts, wear these down and huge bonuses can be scored damage wise. You will get hints at what parts are best to hit, and after a physical attack, spells can then follow up and hit the same targeted areas. So tactics are important as stated already. Graphics: Not bad but looks a little more like a sharper PS2 title Physics: Hmm basic to say the least, but textures are a-okay. Music: A reasonable but not outstanding score. Gameplay: To be frank this can seem like a grinding game, it's going to take patience to get through this one and once done, replay value is lacking unless DLC gets released for it, but I don't see that happening. So you are thinking he hates it. No, I don't. Like Two Worlds, and Star Ocean The Last Hope it's an OK kind of game, flawed but playable and a challenge in it's own right. It will test your tactical ability and at times test your patience as it drops you right into a battle that seems easy as pie the one minute and then like Dissonance of Fate, drops you into one where the odds are heavily stacked against you. But if you enjoyed the above titles, flawed as they were then you'll like this one. If you prefer Skyrim and Lost Odyssey the it may be best you stay clear. Not bad but it could have been so much more.