With three zany, kooky crackpots sharing a Kore Suit, insane action is guaranteed. After all, you control the metallic suit that multiplies the wearer's abilities beyond imagination. Pixie becomes a pro at climbing, Madboy gains an iron fist, and the dog Rex develops astonishing senses of hearing and smell. Your job is to cleverly utilize these characters to free the mad inventor Dr. Samuelsen from the crazy Kranks. Become the leader of a wonderfully wacked-out team three times more demented, three times weirder, and three times stronger than one hero alone!


  • Incredible action adventure.

  • Weird scenarios and bizarre opponents featured in an amazing graphic style.

  • 3 freakish characters: a cheeky girl, a cool boy and a clever dog.

  • 24 tricky levels in 6 game environments.

  • First game ever with special character-related perspectives such as the "smell view" of the dog Rex.

  • Features special characters such as Eagle and Mermaid.

  • Change of character is possible - even necessary - at any time while playing.

  • Opponents react differently to each character.

  • Tricky riddles require the right choice of character.

  • Interactive sound environment: opponents have their own songs as well as catchy attack tunes - first game ever with songs integrated into the action.

  • Several mini-games for even more variety.

  • Makes full use of the features of the Xbox video game system, providing outstanding graphics and sounds.