New Units:

Gascon Knights

These French knights bring both fame and infamy to the province of Gascony: they are great swordsmen, but are also boastful and reckless.

Ayyubid Bowmen

Ayyubid Bowmen are infamous for their speed - and their ability to darken the sky with deadly arrows.

Ayyubid Infantry

These well-equipped and swift footmen are amongst the most loyal followers of Saladin - who in return treats them most graciously.

Ayyubid Swordsmen

These brave Ayyubid warriors fight with fierce determination. Their swords are of such legendary sharpness and strength that their name is well-known even in Europe.

Archer Elite

After a series of devastating defeats, the commanders of the Crusader army formed these unique archer units. They fight like normal archers, but have received additional training, that they can readily defend themselves in hand-to-hand combat.

Hungarian Light Cavalry

When Emperor Barbarossa passed through the Kingdom of Hungary, he personally asked the brother of the king to join his crusade. The young prince took up the cross and brought some of his best knights, who were anxious to confirm the legendary horsemanship of the Hungarians.

Taqi al-Din Umar

One of the trusted allies of Saladin, this veteran of the Saracen army has been fighting alongside his vizier since they first moved to reclaim the Saracen lands. He followed Saladin through all of the important battles for Egypt and Syria, where he excelled as one of bravest warriors on the field.

Arthur of Brittany

The youngest son of a noble family in Brittany, Arthur immediately joined the Crusade and sailed forth with Richard the Lionheart. He fought so bravely in the battle for Cyprus that he earned frequent comparisons with his legendary namesake.

The Ghost of Godfrey of Toulouse

The brave Godfrey (one of the greatest heroes of the First Crusade) found no peace after his victorious siege of Jerusalem. His immortal spirit will haunt the roads around the city until the European kings once more reclaim the Holy Land.There will be a check box in the menu for this hero; if you check it, the hero will appear.

Joan d'Arc

This enigmatic warrior-woman from another time and place appeared in Jerusalem in a flash of blinding light. She claims that God had brought her here from far away, after he came to her in visions and instructed her to free the Holy Land. There will be a check box in the menu for this hero; if you check it, the hero will appear.


He is known as King Arthur's greatest champion, the most famous - and infamous - knight of the Round Table. Lancelot is celebrated for his extraordinary feats of strength, endurance and agility. None can defeat the mighty Sir Lancelot! There will be a check box in the menu for this hero; if you check it, the hero will appear.