Featuring one of the biggest character rosters in the KOF series, 50 characters new and old battle it out in the iconic 3-on-3 TEAM BATTLE system. Now bursting into full 3D graphics, witness the 2D fighting action in a whole other dimension at 1080p-60fps.

KOF XIV is the biggest refinement and overhaul of the legendary fighting series to date, creating the most competitive fighters in SNK's history. Play with up to 6 people online in 'PARTY BATTLES' or hone your skills in the online training mode with a friend. Feel the heat of battle and unleash destructive combos using the CLIMAX CANCEL and Improved MAX MODE features!

Fight your way through a new arc in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV's robust story mode. The colossal rewards for winning the King of Fighter's tournament has turned it into a worldwide business. Now you must take on legendary fighters and companies, each with their own ambitions, to be crowned the King of Fighters!


  • 50 Characters: One of the biggest rosters in KOF history!
  • CLIMAX CANCEL: Chain your Super Special moves for devastating damage!
  • Improved MAX MODE: Unleash new EX specials moves for enhanced attacks!
  • PARTY BATTLES: Fight with up to 6 people in 3-on-3 online PARTY BATTLES
  • RUSH Mode: Perform deadly combos just by tapping the square button!
  • Online Training: Train online with a friend and master your moves together
  • Replays: Capture fights and replay them frame-by-frame
  • New KOF Saga: KOF XIV continues the tale in the single player story mode!
  • 3D Evolution: KOF leaps into 3D for the first time, gloriously rendered in a whole other dimension!