A SHORT GAME BY DE FAULT & CHARDYou're trapped in a British forest
It's fifty degrees below zero
Deliver your message
THE IMAGINED LEVIATHAN is a poetic, visually stunning hike through climate-ravaged Britain.

A survival game centered around one single resource: HEAT.

You'll struggle to find fuel, your fingers will fumble with sticks as you attempt to build fires, and you are not alone.

Your goal is to reach Steel Henge, where once a year the few lone survivors scratch poetic warnings about the cost of their hubris into the metal for their descendants to inherit.

The message you inscribe, if you survive, is up to you.


  • Bright Horror: an inversion of horror’s obsession with darkness, much more accessible to non-horror players
  • Simple, Tactile: survival systems perfect for walking sim fans & console players
  • Strategic Depth: interesting survival and navigation choices for survival genre fans
  • Emergent Author: designed for emergent storytelling, with just enough authored components to guarantee satisfaction
  • Stark Art: the clean, black & white artstyle creates an intense atmosphere & makes the game easily identifiable online