The Great Art Race is a game that the entire family will enjoy. Up to five players can play together at one PC and travel around the world in an attempt to collect treasured and valuable art pieces.

The theme of The Great Art Race sees the player and his relatives chase around the world during the Golden Twenties and hunt for their uncle's stolen collection of paintings. Only the person who manages to purchase the most valuable pieces of the collection will inherit everything.

In order to acquire the desired paintings, the player must visit auctions all over Europe and America. However, the relatives are not idle. They are bidding as well and to make matters worse, money is always short. Therefore, the player must visit colonial towns around the world in order to build plantations. These plantations will produce goods, which can be sold - ideally at a considerable profit.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to reconcile all important appointments: auctions here, laborer strikes there, art courses, bank transactions...

Uncle Walter has to decide who will inherit his estate......who is going to impress him enough?


  • 23 Authentic cities worldwide.

  • 36 Authentic historical paintings & detailed descriptions.

  • Over 300 historical events that influence the game play.

  • Hot seat-mode - up to 5 players at one PC.

  • AI players are available in several difficulty levels.

  • Players can enter or leave the game at any time.

  • 7 game objectives to choose from.

  • Extensive economic system.

  • Family suitable with 'educational value'.

  • Easy access to the game - fun to play.

  • Decoder to avoid the purchase of a forgery.

  • Bonus paintings - raffled every year on New Year's Eve.