Step into the shoes of Samantha Cooper, a young treasure hunter who lives for adventure. Her current passion is scouring the globe for lost artifacts. But unlike most it's not for the money it's the sheer challenge of the task. Her world gets turned upside down when her father goes missing and is named the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Samantha is determined to rescue him and clear his name. But things get complicated in a hurry.


30 chapters with a mix of action, adventure, plot and puzzles.
-18 story focus
-6 adventure focus
-6 action focus

Host of characters 25+
19 sets

Several mini puzzle games incorporated into the plot plus optional bonus word unscramble puzzles.

Simplified interface and game play as targeted at casual gamers.

The screenshots shown on the store page several of the sets plus a few in game mini puzzles and the bonus puzzle. Most shots were taken with Game Controller input, but a couple have the mouse input.