Experience a dark adventure in The Forgotten Land with sophisticated Match 3 challenges - a unique puzzle genre mix. Lead 4 different characters through the twisted forests of a realm ruled by decay and darkness for countless years.

And its denizens are just as sinister as the realm they're calling home. In turn-based Match 3 battles your heroes have to fight against enemy creatures and vanquish them. Each and every battle will train and improve your team. Use your heroes' special skills and fill your inventory with handy weapons and tools. Unleash your powers and let your team fight their way through the Forgotten Land.

Set up a provisional camp to explore the dark realm. Place fire beacons and get rid of numerous threats. Discover weird secrets and find forgotten runes and magical stones.

Prove your skills and strategy in a puzzle genre mix you've never seen before. Are you ready to face the risk of getting trapped in darkness forever?Battle Match 3Vanquish ruthless enemies in sophisticated turn-based battles!Puzzle Match 3Cleverly place fire beacons, eliminate threats and chase away your enemies!Improve your skillsUpgrade your team's special skills and increase your chances of winning!Fill your inventoryFill your inventory with effective weapons and tools!Skill & strategyShow your skills and think like a strategic mastermind! Carefully upgrade your team and use its special skills to vanquish mighty foes.Restore the ancient warehouseRebuild the ruined warehouse of a long-forgotten civilization to gain precious bonuses!Mysterious secrets and dangersFight, discover and solve! Solve the mystery of the dark spell that enshrouds the realm!Extended boardsStay on top of your game even with boards extending over several screens!

We were inspired by:
● Darkest Dungeon
● Gems of War