Feeling a bit down lately? Just constantly under the weather? Just so tired every morning you wake up, it's like why bother getting up? Sound like you need a little pick me up. Well, no.

It sounds like you need THE PICK ME UP. A cup of caffeine so deliciously divine or bitterly benevolent, a cup so sweet it's a sin or a dry, bitter drip to the underworld. What you need is The Flawless Cup.Everyone's taste is differentMaybe you reach for a chai in the morning, mixed with sugar and steamed milk. Or maybe you go more for an oolong or green? The Flawless Cup changes to your taste!

Or maybe tea isn't your cup of tea? You prefer a nice ol' cup of Joe, or maybe an espresso? What you find is what you want on your quest for The Flawless Cup.

What ever you chose, the choice is yours. Decisions you make affect your game, from how those you meet treat you to differing beverages to multiple endings, you shape the world around you!It won't be quick or easyYour journey will take you from quaint little cafes, corporate chain shops, and even through the circles of hell and the choirs of heaven as you search for your much needed, much earned dose of caffeine.