In the game, the thrill of speed and the threat of law collide in the adrenaline-fuelled world of street racing. The streets of LA and Miami are the battlefield where players must prove themselves by taking on dangerous racing missions and all potential rivals. Here, credibility is the prize. The player's reputation will grow as they successfully complete missions and build the ultimate 10-second-car. Get ready for authentic, nitrous-infused action in the turbo-charged street racing.


  • Race fully-licensed vehicles on drag, street and closed circuit courses.

  • Take on a variety of missions to earn cash, increase reputation and further the story.

  • Drive through the realistically rendered streets of Los Angeles and Miami.

  • Tune your car with performance enhancements; upgrade suspensions, exhausts, engines, and moreĀ· Install nitrous for a super 200HP+ boost!

  • Add spoilers, air dams, undercarriage lights and other aftermarket parts to increase credibility and look cool.

  • Listen to the latest hip-hop and rock tunes on amped-up bass-driving stereos.

  • Earn credibility points and build a reputation to join clubs and cliques, unlock new missions, and meet new "players".