The Dawn is an interactive game. This game incorporates elements such assurvival, thriller, and emotional choices. Different choices will bring different plot directions to the story.
The epidemic suddenly broke out. In the face of a horrible monster, you, a researcher at the Institute, have to do as much as possible to survive! On the way to escape, you met various friends, experienced various stories, passed by death again and again, and witnessed the dead of your companions again and again ... To be or not to be? Insist or give up? Are you ready to make a choice?
The thrilling appearance of the game is a heart-warming story, with a strong sense of substitution, which is a rare good work.
Unforgettablestorytelling——experience the elaborately designed and shocking story
Innovative game experience——incorporating innovative gameplay such as event reasoning and item selection into the gamingexperience, further sublimating the reading experience
Difficult humanity choices——Facing the call of life, do you choose to reach out or turn a blind eye?
Huge branch line system——rich branch line plots and more than 60 kinds of story plots create unique reading substitutions