The Con is a 3D fighting game for the PSP. You can compete in an illegal fighting tournament using a customized character with access to multiple fighting styles. In the shady underworld of The Con, you are a fighting thug who's in it for the money. Dollar bills are falling all over these unsanctioned street brawls, and you stand to gain by knocking out a foe for the dough, or taking a dive for your cut -- just don't let on that you're faking getting worked, or the crowd will smell your con.


    The Fight

  • Five different styles of fighting - Street boxing, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do and Wrestling.

  • Over-the-shoulder" camera angle puts players directly behind the action.

  • Players can create and customize their own fighter with build, facial and clothing options.

  • Image import" players can insert their face onto their in-game character via the Memory Stick.

  • Players can gain experience and decide how fast their character's fighting abilities enhance.

  • Intuitive controls allow for easy entry for gamers of all ages.

  • Reprogrammable combo strings for advanced fighting combinations.

  • Story, arcade and Wireless modes satisfy the hunger a variety of gameplay cravings.

  • Manage a stable of fighters to help you reach the "Big Time"

  • Game sharing ability allows non-owners to participate in a head-to-head wireless match (without a UMD disc).

    The Con

  • Unique gambling/betting elements turns each fight into more than just a fight, but a gamble itself.

  • Pull off a con by timing the placing of your bets, taking dives or exaggerated punches (mid-fight) to tilt the odds and turn the tables of the fight for a major payoff.

  • Raise the stakes when playing wirelessly, by placing your unlocked items on the line in head-to-head fights.

  • Use your hard-earned cash to pay off your debt, buy hundreds of items, recover faster after injury, or train for new combo techniques.

    The Crew

  • Develop and grow your team to reach the ultimate level of supreme fighting experience.

  • Special 3-on-3 match format puts pressure that you have three solid fighters, not just one.

  • Work towards paying your debt, establishing a crew and earning enough money to "buy in" to the ultimate underground fighting tournament.