You reveal ancient ruins that have been hidden from outsiders for centuries and discover a mysterious artifact, a gold and metal shelled Ball. As you progress towards solving the mystery of this amazing place you must unlock the secrets of The
Ball and learn to control this ancient artifact. You will also start to encounter not just puzzles and traps, but also various strange creatures - the guardians of this mystery. These creatures also have to be overcome, using only The Ball to defend you. Venturing deeper into the volcano, you reveal some of mankind's greatest secrets...


  • Eight hours of single-player adventure

  • Game mechanics that are very simple to pick up, immersing the user in the physics-based gameplay right from the start

  • 8 huge levels to explore

  • Includes bonus Survival game mode, with 4 additional levels

  • Wide range of enemies to overcome, including mummies, an undead gorilla and boss characters

  • Unique vehicles - an underground train and the mysterious "Ball Chariot"

  • More than 30 secrets hidden away to be discovered, as well as multiple achievements for the player to earn

  • Steamworks features including achievements and leaderboards