The Ancient lands is a survival game giving you role of a playing as a god that defends the villagers from the evils that await outside the village. You have control over powers to aid your villagers against the evil, but you do not have direct control over them. You must guide them through the increasing difficulty of waves that troubles your villagers.WavesThe creatures comes in waves that have a high possibility of tormenting your village every night. The waves get increasingly more challenging as the game progresses. After certain checkpoints, boss waves will begin to come out as well as an endgame boss wave.Randomly Generated World Each world is randomly generated with basic things like mountains, trees, and stone deposits. This can impact the way you construct your base.PowersPowers are used to support your villagers and keep them alive longer. Powers require prayer to gathered by villagers to be able to use. Includes 6 powers such as Healing Spells, Stop Time Spells, or Boost Spells.UnitsIncludes 15+ enemy units such as werewolves, vampires, skeletons, zombies, and custom enemies such as needle necks and mists. Includes 7 friendly units such as a pike man, archers, cavalry, and shock healers.