The Adventures of Crackhead Jack: Overdose Edition finds you controlling the titular character on a journey to reclaim a bag of coke. On such a journey, you might meet strange characters, and possibly do excessive amounts of other drugs to defeat anyone who stands in your way.Paid The Cost To Be The BossJack is no chosen one. There is no world to save. Only things we crave. His eccentric actions might inevitably cement him as a saviour. Invade and investigate into the depths of the black market. Make chump change in the form of the region's "sheks" off bums on the street. Fetch sketchy items for plenty of truly zany and wacky characters. Witness Jack failing at reasoning with the evil of the real world.Really Basic Turn Based CombatEveryone's agreed to take turns when you fight. Enemies walk around in red coats, waiting for their chance to strike. There are dozens of "unique" enemies with stupid names and childish graphics. Skills are of course special attacks that may have exclusive effects and statuses. Equip protection kits and grab your favourite weapon from the nearest Equips shop to give you attack boosts and basic side effects in battle.Consume lots of... consumablesUse 'em like your life depends on it. There are plenty of vendors just minutes away from you who aren't afraid to give you a good deal on exquisite product. Consume to your heart's content. You might experience some otherworldly visions. Use plenty of items to just barely survive an unfair boss.The Luxury of TimeClocking in at around two hours for a playthrough of the main story, the game is a straightforward "novelty" comedy experience.Trying To Be FunnySpeaking of comedy experience, the world tries to convince you that it's got what it takes to get a laugh out of you. The game specializes in trying to capitalize on any stupid moment to try and be funny, and it's up to the player whether or not to decide it actually is.