ForewordWhat's the biggest corporation in the world? No, not Apple or Amazon. The biggest "corporations" are the states. Your employees are all citizens of the country. You don't have to pay them a salary. In fact, they are the ones who pay you taxes when they work or hire someone to work; when they buy a car or milk at a supermarket. You are the head of a corporation, and you decide what taxes you will be paid.
You can also expand your "corporation" to neighboring countries. Joining Germany, France can make tens of billions.About the gameYour goal is to create the biggest "corporation" - the European Union or one of the other Unions. Introduce duties and excise taxes, pass laws to grow your economy and trade, and join the neighboring countries. In addition, you have plenty of tools available to you to manage your domestic policies. You need to think ahead and take control of the "employees of the corporation" - let people not even think about protests.
Hostile people say that we have a high-profile dictatorship? Let's be honest - they just envy us. In numbers - 3 scenarios available (Europe, Asia, Africa)
- 6 types of resources
- More than 50 playful countries
- 30 taxes available for acceptance
- 80 laws and actions that can be taken