Tales of the Deck is a single player adventure card game styled after the RPGs from gaming's past. Build your own deck, encounter retro monsters, and tell your tale.

  • Build your starting deck: Before your adventure begins, a deck will need to be created. Rather than being given a deck, you create your own. Your fate is in your hands.

  • Choose Three Heroes: Combine the strengths of three heroes to battle against evil. Choose spells for each of them to build your deck, and strategy.

  • Battle Retro Enemies: Take your heroes against the most retro of monsters. Enemies have their own unique ways of throwing your plans into disarray.

  • Discover Incredible Items: During your journey, and between your battles, you'll discover powerful items that will aid in your quest.

  • Unique Mp Resource System: Each hero has its own Mp, and spells. A hero's spell can give it Mp, or cost Mp. Balance these wisely to get the most out of your party.