Eva is new to the school and so far hasn't had much luck becoming friends with her classmates. While on a field trip, Eva thus decides to be by herself away from the crowd and enjoy what she can from the companionship of the trees and flowers. Yet, lured by a strange glowing butterfly, she is led deeper into the woods. After having finally caught up with the extraordinary creature, with the sudden sound of the earth shaking she is blinded by a bright light in an instant. Covering her own eyes with her hands she noticed the different flora and silence. Rubbing her eyes she tries to find a way back to her field trip but it was nowhere to be found. In panic, Eva walks back and forth but without finding anything that would help her return home.

In this mystic world where everything looked as if it were once very pretty but somehow faded in recent times, Eva must explore the mysterious world filled with strange characters and puzzles. Experience her adventures as she solves the mystery behind a unique and unexpected story.

In this 2D atmospheric side-scroller, players navigate the main character in a classic point and click fashion to explore a mystic world. While running into and talking to strange characters along the way, you are to gather hints to find items and use magic powers to solve puzzles that direct you to find a way home. As more mysteries unveiled, the hidden past of this world will finally surface and the players will need to make choices that lead to different endings.

Take Me Home is best enjoyed with a mouse and a good pair of headphones.

  • 2d Atmospheric Puzzle Adventure Game
  • Immersive gameplay and puzzle solving experience
  • Multiple Endings
  • Original sound tracks
  • Unique and appealing graphics
  • Language Support(English, Korean)
  • Mac, Windows support