This is a small 2D hand drawn Shoot Em Up Game about a tadpole cleaning rivers and fighting pollution. Its quite a small game that took us about 8 months to make. We have never made a proper game before and so we wanted to make something short and sweet, therefore it will be free to play.

A myth from the past said that there was a beautiful lake inhabited by frogs.
The lakes water was crystal pure, and all the animals were living peacefully.
And with the king froggo on the throne, the lake was always carefree and blessed with flowers and sunshine.
But one day, three monsters with great corruption seeing the untouched beauty of the lake. Wanted to claim it as their own.
Intoxicating everything around it.
And when all hope was lost… a tiny brave tadpole, breaks it shell. Wiggling its tiny tail. Attempts to defeat the great evil that now plagued the lake.
With its bubbles, the tadpole tries to wash the toxins away from the poor corrupted animals.
And save their precious lake they call Home.