You are a stranded nobody, a single soul with no outside connections that are relevant to this story. You start off in a clearing in a dark forest with nothing but a flashlight. As you look to signal for help, what you actually get is quite the opposite...Game Features
  • Complete objectives to advance in the game
  • Use a flashlight as a tool -- and also a weapon
  • Replenish your Hunger meter by interacting with the hunger pickups
    • Hamburger - Fully replenish hunger meter
    • Taco - partial replenish of hunger meter
  • Join our community and discuss what you hated about the game (unless you actually enjoyed it, in which case, great!)

Still in development:
  • In-game Options
  • Full Controller support (though not required)
  • A proper ending (seriously, it's just an end game screen with no fun pay-off yet)
  • Fixing the objectives system
  • Looking to add Steam Achievements in conjunction with things like Play Time, Discover a Secret Area, and Game Completion, and Amount of Times Killed by the Evil Lake
  • Interactive Map