An overview of the
In the world of high energy squad, you need to choose a KAPA avatar hero to complete the duel with your companions.Looking for more random treasure chest, creeps down and capture the BOSS, and get more bonus and settlement of gold, you need to cooperate with your company to defeat the other team, plunder they find addition equipment, won a gold bonus legend, then and defeat all enemies, can also choose to collect gold COINS on the map, different dimensions, can get the final victory.
Salute to all Chinese
The original plan of "high energy team" was to go online during the Spring Festival. In case of an outbreak, it was unprecedented. All of us contributed our own efforts to prevent the epidemic at home. We had to postpone the launch and work at home. Everyone in our team was thinking about and constantly improving new playing methods and optimizing game details. Here I wish every Chinese 2 020 Shun Shun Li, health and happiness. We will donate all the income of DLC skin online to Hanhong foundation. At that time, we will disclose our DLC income and payment voucher in the group.

Within the game
At present, the game is still in the pre version stage. Five of our team will continue to repair bugs, add new content and play methods, and regularly publish our plans to be updated on steam. If you encounter any problems in the game, no matter how big or small, please contact us in time (steam message or QQ group feedback). We will collect and record every feedback. We respect Pay attention to the opinions and suggestions of each player. We promise that the game will not be offline for one day, and we will continue to make efforts to improve and perfect it. We also hope that those who are interested in participating in the improvement of the game playing method and the new hero setting or have ideas please contact the management private letter in the group in time.

In game
At present, there are four role choices, each role is unique and unique.
Free choice of birth point, free equipment combination and collocation, hidden mechanism on the map, random refresh damage circle.
Each character has four initial skills that you need to understand.
In addition, the collocation and strategy between various active props need you to try boldly.
You can choose the best combination of over 20 bonus equipment.
In addition to PVP play, the high-energy team also added monster ecology, killing King reward task, full of random interest.
Rich maps let you feel the change of forest, grassland, desert, river, snow and four seasons.
The combination of real combat system and random items helps you challenge other teams.
Along the way, cooperate with teammates to give the enemy maximum damage output
There are many untapped ways to play that you are looking forward to discovering and exploring.