Supermarket Maker is a game in which you can construct and manage your very own Supermarkets from scratch: beginning with the smallest grocery you can build the biggest supermarket chain.

Design your Supermarket with the shopping area, bakery, butcher, warehouse, parking, offices, etc, etc. Hire and manage the staff to make happy the customers, more customers happy more money, more money more things to create. Make it bigger!

  • Multiples Supermarkets to build: from a small grocery to a big supermarket.
  • Hire and manage the staff: cashier, replenisher, cleanser, security, manager, etc.
  • Make your own layout racks, and select the best products for your customers.
  • Make your own strategy put the products you need to sell first more visible to the customers.
  • Create big offers to attract more customers, but be careful the customers don't like to wait.
  • Buy your competence or make them go bankrupt.