Super Neo Tanks is an arcade style local multiplayer game where you battle it out in frantic, bullet-filled combat. Dodge, dash, and line up your shots to be the last tank standing!Frenetic One-shot-kill Gameplay!Your goal in each fast-paced match of Super Neo Tanks is to outlive and shoot down your opponents. Bounce bullets of walls for tricky shots while dodging the swarms of bullets heading your way to guarantee victory in this chaotic shooter. Fight over game-changing powerups and control colored walls to give you an edge in combat. Rounds of Super Neo Tanks have enough skill and strategy to be competitive, and enough chaos and unpredictability to be fun for everyone.Modify the rules to your heart's content!You have full control over every aspect of Super Neo Tanks' rules, and can save your own custom rulesets. Perhaps you think the game would be more fun if players were three times as big, shot bullets half as fast, and skidded around as if they were on ice. You have in-depth customization options available to make that, or any number of strange combinations possible.Features
  • Fast-paced One Shot Kill Action
  • 2 to 4 players in local multiplayer (Supports remote play!)
  • Over 50 varied maps with more to come
  • 10 unique powerups to turn the tide in battle
  • Fully modifiable rulesets