Street Hoops is an "in your face" street-style basketball game that captures the aggressive energy and attitude of blacktop competition. Compete in a nationwide tournament on 10 of the most notorious street courts in the nation including "The Cage", Venice Beach, Rucker Park and more. Each court is an exact replica of the real blacktop basketball court right down to the graffiti, quality of the court and culture of the neighborhood.

Run your players through the ranks with three modes of play including World Tournament, Lord of the Court and Pick-Up Game. Set up your own teams, save to a memory card and go head-to-head with a friend.

Users can unlock players like AO, Main Event, 1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing, Headache and Hot Sauce from the most recent And 1 Mix Tapes, as well as Speedy Williams, Booger Smith and The Future from the popular Nike freestyle commercial. Each player represents with his own signature moves.

Players can take their hard-earned winnings and spend it on new shoes, warm-ups, tattoos, jewelry, and other great gear. Gamers also bet on their next game, double the risk and double the cash.

Rock the gear. Rock the beats. Rock the courts.