Will you take the path of dexterity, reflexion, or audacity ? Will you favor exploration, score, or speed ?

A game combining action, exploration, and reflexion, through maze worlds with unique and spherical shapes....

The ecological diversity and preservation of our planet as the backdrop !

A special tribute from an independent developer to the games of his childhood.Features
  • 50 Levels to challenge with an unique design for each of them
  • Collect species to discover and eco friendly behaviors to promote...
  • Choose your game mode as a bonus : retro, arcade, contemporary
Beyond the GameIn this game, you will find well-known species to protect, like bears or whales, but also soil microorganisms, flowers, common trees, insects, just like in our real world where everyting is connected and interdependent.

The behaviors described in the "eco-bonuses" do not pretend to be exhaustive, nor to be within the reach of each and every one of us...

A first version of the game was designed in 2014, and left as a prototype till the upheavals of early spring 2020. This 2021 version is intended as a symbol of hope.