Stoked: Big Air Edition is a snowboarding game that lets you pull off any trick in your own style by giving you physical control of your rider through the analog sticks. As you beat challenges, win competitions, and develop your unique style, you'll gain sponsorships, clothes, and gear from the world's leading brands. Gain enough influence, and your exploits might even get photographed for the pages of Snowboard Magazine.

Smoother and Faster Riding We've tweaked all aspects of riding, from camera angles to animations to the sensitivity of the controls, and we've made Stoked: Big Air even faster, with even more Big Air opportunities.


  • Physics-based Controls

    Physically control your rider through the analog sticks, with the triggers used for grabs. The tuned and tweaked physics behind the controls help you feel each carve and define your unique style.

  • Marked Trails

    It's easy to find great runs, with eight marked trails on every mountain filled with tons of park objects to use for tricks. The fans asked for it and Stoked: Big Air Edition delivers.

  • Open Mountains

    Explore anywhere across 500 square miles on 7 real mountains, like K2 and Mt. Fuji. Fly a helicopter anywhere to a drop point. Stoked gives you real freedom on the mountain.

  • Seamless Multiplayer

    Invite your friends to ride with you anytime, anywhere through instant drop-in multiplayer. Race, free-ride, or compete in challenges against up to 7 other people.

  • Tons of Challenges and Events

    Compete in a variety of Big Air and Grind-fest events. Free-ride the

    mountain for high scores, complete technical trick challenges, and more.