Spanning the vast desserts of the Middle East you must bring the War on Terror home to those who would terrorise the free world.

As an elite member of Special Forces you must use all your skills and a fearsome arsenal of weaponry to prevent the Elzar Organisation from achieving their sinister objectives. This means being dropped behind enemy lines, locating key installations and then getting down to the task of taking out the entire organization single handedly.

As you get dropped from the attack helicopter you hear your commanders voice in your earpiece. "From here on in you're on your own..."


  • A hugely popular combination of first person shoot 'em up and modern warfare locations.

  • Realistic modern warfare battlegrounds from bomb-scarred city streets, nuclear bunkers and war torn palaces.

  • Hunt down and eliminate the leaders of the terror network, from arms dealers to nuclear scientists and finally, Elzar's evil leader himself.

  • Vast range of mission objectives: rescue hostages, signal laser-guided missiles, destroy ammunition dumps and seize illegal uranium stores.

  • A huge arsenal of weapons including shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, explosives, rocket propelled-grenades and more are at your disposal.