State of Emergency is an urban riot game set in the near future, where the oppressive American Trade Organization (ATO) has declared a State of Emergency. State authorities are clamping down on organized resistance and restricting movement across the City to counter the spread of revolt. It is up to you to smash up everything and everyone in order to destabilize the ATO. Use any item available to begin fighting, including pipes, bricks and benches - even dismembered body parts. This is the first game ever to let you participate in relentless street combat with over 100 people on screen at once! State of Emergency is a game for those who have always wondered what it's like to be armed and dangerous in a city gone out of control.


  • It's a riot - a violent free-for-all where you can smash everything and everyone in order to make your way through the game.
  • There are four expansive, destructible districts with at least 30 missions apiece.
  • Play as 1 of 5 different Resistance agents, fighting to overthrow the ATO.
  • Fully interactive environments. Hit everybody! Smash everything! Wrecking your surroundings by looting stores and bombing cars is a key aspect of the game.
  • Seek and destroy with traditional weapons (grenades, rockets, shotguns, machine guns, flamethrowers & petrol bombs) and improvised instruments of pain (bricks, benches, trashcans, dismembered body parts).
  • The game's AI gives the characters uncanny intelligence and believability. Each of the city's characters behave in their own particular way and react to events depending on their allegiance.
  • Complete missions in Progressive Mode or just roam the streets causing mayhem in Freeplay Mode.
  • Helpless citizens driven by a sophisticated virtual sensing system react realistically to violence by cowering, running away, or calling to the nearest Peacekeeper for help.
  • Gang members never run from fights. They can attack you for no reason as you pass by, but can be lead into the clutches of a rival gang for all out turf warfare.
  • The missions force the player into challenging scenarios - from assassinating ATO leaders to avoiding Peacekeeper death squads and rescuing Resistance sympathizers.

Price: £19.99

Release date: 4th April 2003

Age rating: 18+