The 22nd century is a time of war and political upheaval throughout a galaxy where three gigantic corporations control the entire solar system. Corruption is rife and the only place a man can feel slightly safer is in the skies where the crippling fists of the corporations' oppression can be challenged.

Don't think that firepower alone will save your sorry butt or those of your squad's either! Only practice as you progress through the game will improve your mastery of the battlefield-like tactics needed to take you and your fellow Space Wolves deeper into the action.

To make things more interesting, each member of your team will possess different skills, abilities and personalities as you do battle with rouge AI computers, human space pirates, bloodthirsty space scavengers and the spaceships of the corrupt ruling empires all in search of easy prey. The right strategy will enable you to mount tactical ruses, plan and execute ambushes and deploy your squad's special abilities to crush enemies according to your style of play.


  • Spectacular 3D real-time battle system.

  • Original blend of tactical and action game play.

  • Variety of objects including stealth, scouting, hit-and-run and assault missions.

  • Non-linear storyline and gameplay.

  • Secondary and secret quests long with primary missions.

  • Over 25 space fighters.

  • Over 40 missions.

  • A choice of eight male and female game characters to form your team with.

  • Original RPG system.