Season Three: Genesis is Cryptic Studios' latest major content update to Star Trek Online. This new update features a host of upgrades, progressive changes and new features to the game.


  • The Foundry Beta (v 0.3) - Cryptic's player-created content system is now in public beta. The Foundry gives players the chance to design their own missions in Star Trek Online. Players may share creations with friends, and Cryptic's proprietary content rating system ensures only the best missions are promoted.

  • Episode Replay - In Genesis, every previously enjoyed mission may now be replayed. Some even feature brand new rewards.

  • Borg Technology In Ships - Integrate Borg technology into existing starships! New Borg loot from Special Task Force missions greatly augment a ship's usefulness as well as its appearance.

  • New Sector Space - Cryptic has revamped Sector Space to give it a more realistic look and feel!